Time flies when you’re having fun

Or does it? For me, time flies when you are in a busy routine. Not that my busy routine wasn’t fun, but I was becoming increasingly concerned that time, the greatest commodity of all, was slipping away faster than I liked. I wanted to slow things down. On a long weekend away over Christmas amid a ‘life chat’, it became clear Hannah and my thoughts aligned. The seed was planted.

I’m writing this sitting at a table in a cafe in Belgrade in Serbia, just under a month after we left home on our cycle from London to China. Let’s face it, I’m starting this way later than I’d hoped, but cycling all day every day is tiring!

It took us a while to get around to deciding what to do, when and how to do it, but thoughts eventually came to agreeing we would go on another adventure on our bikes, to see more of the world and spend more time together. A few years back, we spent six wonderful months cycling around South East Asia. It was all new to us at the time but we quickly got in to the rhythm and enjoyed the comfort and security of a cheap hotel, a hot plate of food and a cold beer at the end of each day. This time… it would need to be harder.

We’d spoken many times about places we wanted to visit in life and Central Asia kept cropping up. What better way to see it than by bicycle, and what better way to get there than, well, by bicycle. It was decided. We would cycle through Europe down to Turkey and then onwards through to China, fully unsupported carrying a tent, a camping stove and probably too many comforts.

We spent a good month before we left home spending as much time with friends and family as possible. The goodbyes were horrible. They punch you in the stomach and then in the throat and then poke you in the eye, but they certainly remind you how much people mean to you. Mixed emotions were an understatement. We were excited to go, nervous about what lay ahead, and sad to say goodbye. But it’s all part of going on a long adventure.

Time was about to slow down…


2 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun

  1. Fantastic start to a wonderful adventure. We love you both to bits and know you’re going to have a (saddle sore) ball during your travels. Looking forward to sharing your adventure via your blog. Keep safe, and look after each other. We’re rooting for you all the way. Clive and Maggie xxx


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