…and chill.

I’m slowly learning how to relax. It takes time. To switch off from a day-to-day life where you feel there is always something to do. Something that needs doing. I’m guilty of replacing something on my to-do list as soon as it’s ticked off.

Cycling all day gives you time. Time to think. Time to forget. Time to zone out and do nothing but methodically, robotically pedal whilst slowly drifting amid your surroundings.

Cycle touring amplifies this feeling. You travel a long way each day and you see so much. It affords you the extra luxury of contemplation. Your leg muscles learn how to let you do this. They adapt. They acknowledge it’s their daily routine with little complaint. You drift, you float, and you chill…you really chill….

And then a fly rockets directly in to your pupil and forces you to swerve in to the middle of the road. You curse nature.

Cycle touring…

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