Dunkirk to Bruges 6th – 7th May

We woke afresh after 11 hours sleep. Clearly needed. As we started making our way towards Bruges it really started to dawn on us… we would not see our families for a long time. As much as we thought about it before and amid the goodbyes, the adrenaline of leaving had slighty masked the current realisation. We were silent for a while.

Our feelings of being away from home were magnified as we rode along designated cycle paths nearly as wide as the roads beside us. If someone was walking on them in front of us we would ring our bell and be met with a wave and a smile. Hannah says she is scared to ring her bell in London. I’m a dinger.

We followed riverways in to Bruges. Hannah took the reigns and led. We got lost. 10kms out the way later we were back on track. We followed our noses to a bar that we loved when we were here six years ago on a trip on the trains around Holland and Belgium.

We camped at a site that Hannah and her friend stayed at previously. We spent our first night alone accompanied by some banging Belgian beers…

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