Luxembourg 12th May

Hannah woke up cold. Despite having brought her entire winter wardrobe some more thermals were needed. I fixed the stove. Boom! (Not literally luckily, boom in the positive sense).

We were both super excited to be on our way to a new country we hadn’t been to before, visiting new countries and new experiences were a massive part of this trip in the planning stages. We entered Luxembourg. We got lost. We went up our steepest hill so far. It was in the wrong direction. Time to eat. We quickly realised that in times of doing unecassary miles the best thing was not to get back on track as quickly as possible and speed up a bit to absorb the miles lost, no, the better choice is to stop, say oh shit, and then eat, or get coffee, or beer.

We did a supermarket shop. We are taking it in turns to do the supermarket shop as someone has to stay outside and watch the bikes. We both love foreign supermarkets and fight over who’s turn it is. We’re not overly fussed over eating out at the moment as we kind of know what to expect in the restaurants and it would damage the budget a fair bit. For now we are working our way through every pasta recipe we know. The budget for pastries however is separate and i’m smashing my way through every sweet and savoury oven baked beigeness I can find. The joys of cycling…

We were keen to sniff out a wild camping spot tonight as there were no campsites near, only flashy hotels. We ventured off a forest path that felt right and stumbled across the most beautiful hidden spot overlooking a valley. With the sun about to set we cooked up (pasta.) before making our bed for the night at the last minute before it got dark. It was Hannah’s first night properly wild camping and she was a bit bervous but felt comfort in my comfort. She likes to push herself. We opted for our bivvy bags which are covers for our sleeping bags that allow you to sleep without a tent. A deer wandered by. We slept under the stars and over the valley. A memorable night.

We woke to frost covered sleeping bags and iced water bottles. It had gone down to the minuses over night. We were wrapped up and slept well. We quickly moved on without leaving a trace and made coffee and breakfast a few km’s later (note that miles have now disappeared as a measure and kilometres have taken over. So continental European).

Luxembourg city was frustrating. We were trying to stay on the Eurovelo route to save us navigating on our phones or using maps. Making sure we were staying on the route took the fun out of exploring the city and although it was beautiful to pass through I left with the hump that I hadn’t enjoyed the experience. Lesson learnt.

Aaawwwww Germany now please…

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